100,000 Homes International

While the 100,000 Homes Campaign focuses primarily on U.S. cities, several locations outside of the U.S. have adopted the Campaign model and are successfully implementing local processes to know all of their homeless neighbors by name and move the most chronic and vulnerable among them into permanent housing as quickly as possible. As available, staff members from the Community Solutions team travel to support these communities and to capture the most promising innovations from around the globe for replication in the American context.

To date, international participant cities include:

Brisbane - 50 Lives 50 Homes Campaign, led by Micah Projects
Melbourne - Melbourne Street 2 Home, led by Homeground Services
Sydney - Syndey Registry Week, led by Mercy Foundation

Brussels - Led by Kois Invest and Infirmiers de Rue

Calgary - Re-housing Triage and Assessment Survey, led by the Calgary Homeless Foundation
Ontario - Led by the Hope Shelter and Wellness Foundation


If you represent a non-U.S. city, state or province that would like help implementing the 100,000 Homes Campaign model or adapting it for your local context, please contact Campaign Director Becky Kanis. Be sure to identify your city, country and the best contact information where you can be reached.