The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of over 175 communities working together to find permanent homes for 100,000 chronic and medically vulnerable homeless Americans by July 2014.

100,000 Homes communities have already moved more than 20,000 homeless Americans into permanent housing, transforming their public systems along the way. Powered by Community Solutions and supported by a broad base of national and local partners, the Campaign helps communities turn their services systems into solution systems capable of ending street homelessness for good. As a movement, we are not interested in managing homelessness indefinitely. We are interested in ending it.

Participating communities do three things differently:

  • First, they identify every homeless person on their streets by name. For several mornings in a row, volunteers comb the streets to survey their homeless neighbors using a questionnaire called the Vulnerability Index. This tool, based on leading medical research, helps each community build a database with the names, photos, health conditions, and institutional and social histories of its homeless residents. The resulting data allows communities to prioritize systematically, match people to appropriate housing subsidies and dramatically expedite the rate of housing.
  • Third, they improve local systems to make housing simpler, faster and more efficiently targeted. Using quality improvement methods drawn from industry, local teams work together to set and achieve clear goals for systems change. Many communities have dramatically reduced the time required to house a single individual. Others have logged measurable improvements in outreach, resource targeting and service delivery.