Dec 03, 2012

Jake Maguire's picture Posted By Jake Maguire

Campaign Launches Homeless Connector Smartphone App

Maybe it’s the woman on your block who sometimes asks you for spare change, or the homeless veteran you walk past every day on your way to work. Everyone has a story about a homeless neighbor, but too often we feel like there’s nothing we can do to help.

On Veterans Day, we launched Homeless Connector, a simple, concrete way that you can help end homelessness for neighbors in your community.
Homeless Connector is a web-based app that lets you do your part to end homelessness using only your smartphone. It allows you to survey your homeless neighbors in person with the Campaign’s research-based Vulnerability Index and immediately submit that information to your local 100,000 Homes team. That team can then use that information to make rapid contact with the person you interviewed. It’s all part of our effort to make sure that every homeless person in America is known by name to the people most able to help them.
“Everyone has their own story about a homeless neighbor in their community, and this app finally gives people a concrete way to do something about it,” said 100,000 Homes Campaign Director Becky Kanis in a statement. “Too often, we walk by folks on the street and assume there’s no solution, but the truth is that local professionals know what to do. Homeless Connector is about making sure those professionals know everyone on their streets by name, and it enlists community members in helping them achieve that goal.”
The information you gather with Homeless Connector is the same information your local 100,000 Homes team needs to move your homeless neighbors into permanent housing. This information has already helped participating communities find housing for more than 23,000 homeless Americans, including more than 5,000 veterans!
Please join thousands of supporters across the country who are using HomelessConnector in their communities. It’s simple-- you can even log in with your Facebook account. Just click here to read the short instructions and get started!