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Across the country, 100,000 Homes communities have made incredible progress on housing their most vulnerable homeless neighbors. Their stories show that homelessness can be solved!

Eleven Campaign Communities On Track to End Homelessness

The March numbers are in, and we’re excited to announce that 11 communities across the country reached their local goals of housing 2.5% of their chronic and vulnerable homeless populations each month! This list includes: Bergen County (17.01%), Tulsa (15.31%), Chattanooga Region (8.42%), Shreveport/Bossier (7.92%), Richmond (7.77%), Omaha (6.44%), Portland (5.08%), North Hollywood/ Sun Valley (4.25%), Charlotte (3.91%), Silverlake (3.60%), and Denver (2.5%).


Volunteers Survey Homeless Neighbors from Coast to Coast

The Campaign truly felt like a national movement in March, as communities from Alaska to Virginia held registry weeks to identify and survey their most vulnerable and chronically homeless neighbors. Registry weeks are a key part of this movement, because they help communities know every homeless person on the streets by name. We will never solve homelessness in America without accomplishing that pivotal goal.


Colorado Launches Statewide Effort with Colorado Counts

We’ve seen a pattern of whole states enrolling in the Campaign lately, and now you can add Colorado to that list! In Colorado, faced with a variety of state-specific needs and conditions, organizers have carefully customized the Campaign’s Vulnerability Index (VI) to capture additional, locally relevant data while preserving the tool’s research-based core.


In Santa Clara County, a new funding model for counties ending homelessness

Last week, in a major victory for ending homelessness, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved the development of a $1.2 million dollar pilot program to provide housing vouchers for chronically homeless individuals and families identified by groups like Housing 1000 – a remarkable Santa Clara County organization participating in the 100,000 Homes Campaign. The initiative establishes a bold new template for other counties looking to save money and end homelessness at the same time.


"I'll Step Up!": Empowering Volunteers to End Homelessness

Noah Laracy is a regular person. He isn’t a trained social worker, a landlord, or a paid housing advocate. He’s a volunteer who wanted to do something to help end homelessness in his community.


Communities Combine Point-in-Time Counts with Registry Weeks

This month, thousands of volunteers are canvassing their communities, block-by-block, as required by law, to count the number of people sleeping on their streets and sidewalks. But several participating Campaign communities are doing much more than that-- they are combining legally mandated “point-in-time” counts of their homeless populations with full-scale Campaign registry week efforts.


In Illinois, a Holiday Housing Miracle

When Melany Jackson felt God calling her to end homelessness, she quit her job, sold everything she owned and got to work. This week, she moved her first homeless neighbor into housing.

"It's almost hard to believe it's true," Jackson wrote in an email, calling the story of Vern, her newly housed friend, a "Christmas housing miracle."

Indeed, much of Vern's story seems miraculous.


Registry Week Helps Louisville Come Together

“Everybody loves a good idea,” Nolan Nelson observed after the completion of Louisville, KY's recent Registry Week. But “100,000 Homes moves people from having a good idea into acting on this good idea.”
Nelson, along with the entire Rx: Housing team, experienced the power of such action firsthand over five days during Louisville's Registry Week.


Veteran Homelessness and What Every Community Can Do to Solve It

Combat ought to be the most difficult experience of a veteran’s life, but our new report on veteran homelessness reveals that many veterans go on to become homeless for eight or nine times the length of their deployments.


St. Joseph Center Brings Hope to Venice, CA

If you saw the Campaign on the CBS Evening News this week, you learned about the remarkable story of Bruce Marzett, a Vietnam combat veteran who survived nearly 20 years of homelessness before moving into a permanent apartment last month.


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