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Across the country, 100,000 Homes communities have made incredible progress on housing their most vulnerable homeless neighbors. Their stories show that homelessness can be solved!

Surge of Support Speeds L.A. Plan Across the Finish Line

You did it! You rallied to support the transformative blueprint to end homelessness in Los Angeles, and because of you, a huge group of law enforcement professionals and elected officials, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, turned out yesterday to formally sign the plan and commit to implementing its recommendations.


Clergy: Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles Is Not a Leap of Faith

Every once in a while, we read something so poignant and compelling that we've just got to repost it here. That's how we feel about this Poverty Insights piece-- a call from three respected California faith leaders to support the new plan to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles.


ACTION ALERT: Two Days Left for LA's Leaders to Endorse Plan to End Homelessness

Home For Good is a Campaign-supported plan to tackle chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles.


Denver Campaign Partner Named Outstanding Non-profit of 2010!

“Right now, my home is under a bridge in downtown Denver,” says Randall.

The Colorado native worked for 25 years as a bookkeeper. Then suddenly, two-years-ago, he found himself without a job and living on the streets.

Thanks to Campaign partner Denver's Road Home, Randall is getting the support he needs to get back on his feet.


Fort Collins Volunteers Collect 100 Surveys on First Day of Registry Week!

Registry Week surveying kicked off this morning in Fort Collins, and the results so far are exciting. Today alone, more than 120 volunteers braved the winter weather to conduct and compile more than 100 Vulnerability Index surveys. Local homeless residents offered their help in finding and connecting with as many people living on the streets as possible, and volunteers opened new relationships with each other and with their homeless neighbors. Those relationships will be essential as Fort Collins works to move its homeless residents into permanent housing in the coming months.


UPDATED: Fort Collins, CO Kicks Off Registry Week!

UPDATE Nov. 16th:  Given the snowfall, local organizers hoped for 100 volunteers at yesterday's volunteer training, but after a story about Registry Week ran on Fort Collins' local NPR affiliate, more than 120 people showed up to learn how to help! Inspired by words of encouragement from local service providers and several elected officials, volunteers kicked off the survey process early this morning at 5 a.m. Mountain Time.


ACTION ALERT: Urge Elected Officials in LA County to Support New Plan to End Homelessness

If you live in Los Angeles, we need your help on this one! Please take action with your elected officials.

From our Campaign partners at the United Way in Los Angeles:


AZ Partner Featured for Innovative Approach to Housing Veterans

Phoenix Campaign partner, Project H3, has been working hard to house homeless veterans since its Registry Week last April. This week, the Phoenix Examiner pays tribute to the organization's efforts with a thoughtful and positive profile by veterans beat reporter Donna Bleyle.

If you know about a homeless veteran who has moved off the street and into housing in your community, let us know by submitting your story. We'll get in touch and maybe even share it with the whole 100,00 Homes community on our blog!


Registry Week Wraps Up in Sydney!

Registry Week is drawing to a close in Sydney, Australia, where more than half of those surveyed by 70 volunteers qualify as vulnerable.

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald's coverage of the Campaign and see what local volunteers are discovering about the state of "sleeping rough" in Australia.




In Melbourne, Empty Campsites Mean Earlier Wake-up Times for Registry Week Volunteers

Registry Week means waking up early— really early.  But in Melbourne, a rash of empty campsites has volunteers waking up even sooner than usual to find the homeless before they head out for the day.

In most Campaign communities, Registry Week volunteers commit to getting out of bed around three in the morning and hitting the streets by four. It’s never pleasant, but early rising is a critical part of ensuring that teams arrive at local sleeping spots before their homeless neighbors leave.


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