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Across the country, 100,000 Homes communities have made incredible progress on housing their most vulnerable homeless neighbors. Their stories show that homelessness can be solved!

An Update on Some of the People You Met on 60 Minutes

(Photo: Diane "Mama Bear" Garton and her dog, Sunshine)

Anderson Cooper and the 60 Minutes team brought us moving stories of several of Nashville's homeless residents, many of whom are now housed. We wanted to provide an update on a few of them.


Campaign Wins Prestigious World Habitat Award

Medellín, COLOMBIA— The 100,000 Homes Campaign, coordinated by NYC-based non-profit Community Solutions, was announced today as one of two international winners of the World Habitat Award, a prestigious honor awarded annually by the Building and Social Housing Foundation in conjunction with the United Nations.


In Nashville, Jerry Trades the Streets for a Permanent Home

Jerry, a mechanic from Nashville, lost his housing after going through a divorce and finding himself unemployed. He had been homeless for 1.5 years when a volunteer for How’s Nashville, the collaborative leading the local 100,000 Homes Campaign effort, found him on the street and asked him to complete a short health survey. That volunteer shared Jerry's survey results with local housing advocates, and only days later, Jerry was taking a hot shower in his new, permanent apartment.


Housing is Healthcare

Amy Freeman is a staffer at Bethesda Cares, the organization leading the 100,000 Homes Campaign in Bethesda, MD. She recently reflected on an experience that drove home the importance of housing in personal terms. We urge you to share this post with your friends to help them understand why permanent housing matters so much. (This piece was originally published at on August 6th.


Where We'll Be at #NAEH13

It's that time of year again!


Campaign Reaches Halfway Milestone -- 50,000 People Housed!

We always knew this day would come, but it used to seem much further away! Today, the 100,000 Homes Campaign announced that its participating communities had housed more than 50,000 chronic and vulnerable homeless Americans. That number includes more than 1,000 families, 5,000 seniors, and 15,000 veterans of the United States armed forces. We couldn't be prouder to celebrate this day.


Campaign Launches Homeless Connector Smartphone App

Maybe it’s the woman on your block who sometimes asks you for spare change, or the homeless veteran you walk past every day on your way to work. Everyone has a story about a homeless neighbor, but too often we feel like there’s nothing we can do to help.


HUD Highlights Campaign's Use of Vulnerability Index

HUD's quarterly publication, Evidence Matters, has highlighted the 100,000 Homes Campaign for its use of the Vulnerability Index to identify and prioritize vulnerable homeless people for permanent housing:


Volunteers Survey Homeless Neighbors from Coast to Coast

The Campaign truly felt like a national movement in March, as communities from Alaska to Virginia held registry weeks to identify and survey their most vulnerable and chronically homeless neighbors. Registry weeks are a key part of this movement, because they help communities know every homeless person on the streets by name. We will never solve homelessness in America without accomplishing that pivotal goal.


Colorado Launches Statewide Effort with Colorado Counts

We’ve seen a pattern of whole states enrolling in the Campaign lately, and now you can add Colorado to that list! In Colorado, faced with a variety of state-specific needs and conditions, organizers have carefully customized the Campaign’s Vulnerability Index (VI) to capture additional, locally relevant data while preserving the tool’s research-based core.


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