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Across the country, 100,000 Homes communities have made incredible progress on housing their most vulnerable homeless neighbors. Their stories show that homelessness can be solved!

An Update on Some of the People You Met on 60 Minutes

(Photo: Diane "Mama Bear" Garton and her dog, Sunshine)

Anderson Cooper and the 60 Minutes team brought us moving stories of several of Nashville's homeless residents, many of whom are now housed. We wanted to provide an update on a few of them.


Addressing People's Housing Needs Changes Lives and Saves Taxpayers Money

(Photo: Helmut was in his eighties and had spent years on the streets when Hollywood4WRD, the Hollywood, CA team participating in the 100,000 Homes Campaign, moved him into permanent housing. Credit: JB Rutagarama)

To many Americans, homelessness can feel like a problem so big it can't be helped. Perhaps you've always wanted to help but wondered where to start...


2013 In Review

2013 was a banner year for our national movement to find permanent housing for 100,000 homeless Americans. Here's a snapshot of what participating communities accomplished together and where we stand as we head into our final year!


20,000 Vulnerable and Chronically Homeless Veterans Housed

Since launching in July of 2010, the 100,000 Homes Campaign and its partners have helped communities and local V.A. sites house more than 20,000 homeless veterans, the Campaign announced today. The milestone represents the fulfillment of the Campaign's Clinton Global Initiative commitment through Got Your 6, a national partner effort to support veterans as leaders civic assets.


Off the Streets and Back into the Kitchen

(Photo blurred for anonymity)


"Now I have something to live for..."

Larry has a biting wit that has always been pretty dark, revealing a self-proclaimed sense of hopelessness. During his 18 years on the streets, he slept with a knife in his hand for protection nearly every night. But after just four weeks in housing, Larry’s demeanor has taken a remarkable turn.


Innovation Rules the Day at Acceleration Boot Camp

Eight communities gathered in Los Angeles this month to participate in the first Acceleration Boot Camp, a 3-day training event designed to reinvent the way local organizations move their homeless neighbors into permanent housing. The event builds on the success of previous Housing Placement Boot Camps, which targeted housing systems for homeless veterans.


Introducing the VI-SPDAT Pre-Screen Survey

The HEARTH Act and federal regulations require communities to develop a mechanism for common assessment and coordinated access. Many communities have struggled to comply with this requirement, which demands an investment of considerable time, resources and expertise. Others are making it up as they go along, using “gut instincts” in lieu of solid evidence. Communities need a practical, evidence-informed way to satisfy federal regulations while quickly implementing an effective approach to access and assessment.


Making Street Counts Count

(PHOTO: Diane Pierce and Stacia Gillet hand knitted 230 woolen caps for Oklahoma City volunteers to use as incentives to get unsheltered homeless people to take the Vulnerability Index survey.)


Campaign Launches Homeless Connector Smartphone App

Maybe it’s the woman on your block who sometimes asks you for spare change, or the homeless veteran you walk past every day on your way to work. Everyone has a story about a homeless neighbor, but too often we feel like there’s nothing we can do to help.


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