Apr 26, 2012

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Eleven Campaign Communities On Track to End Homelessness

The March numbers are in, and we’re excited to announce that 11 communities across the country reached their local goals of housing 2.5% of their chronic and vulnerable homeless populations each month! This list includes: Bergen County (17.01%), Tulsa (15.31%), Chattanooga Region (8.42%), Shreveport/Bossier (7.92%), Richmond (7.77%), Omaha (6.44%), Portland (5.08%), North Hollywood/ Sun Valley (4.25%), Charlotte (3.91%), Silverlake (3.60%), and Denver (2.5%).

(Photo: After many years of homelessness, Phyllis recently moved into a permanent apartment in Charlotte!)
All communities participating in the Campaign shoot for the goal of housing 2.5% of their chronic and vulnerable homeless populations each month. The 2.5% mark is one of the Campaign’s signature goals, and it’s an important metric because it puts communities on track to end chronic and vulnerable homelessness outright in about four years. Gathering these numbers monthly also gives us the chance to recognize and highlight the accomplishments of outstanding communities participating in the Campaign and inspire other partner communities to match or exceed their targets.
Out of 11 communities who reached their goal, most went above and beyond. Take Bergen County, NJ and Tulsa, OK, for example. In Bergen County, the county’s Housing, Health and Human Services Center spearheaded an effort that resulted in over 17% of the local chronic and vulnerable homeless populations moving into permanent apartments. At that rate, Bergen County could end chronic and vulnerable homelessness this year! Tulsa, OK is in a similar league. In March, the Mental Health Association in Tulsa coordinated a local team that housed over 15% of the city’s chronic and vulnerable homeless populations. Both of these all-star communities hit or exceeded 2.5% in February as well, along with other all-stars like Chattanooga, TN; Shreveport/Bossier, LA; Richmond, VA; Omaha, NE; and Charlotte, NC.
Many of these communities have a history of success. Last February, Shreveport’s registry week helped Louisiana become the first state to implement the Vulnerability Index at the state level. And many will remember Omaha as the hfirst community to house one of its most vulnerable homeless residents, Carmen, before registry week had even ended. Chattanooga, while new to the campaign, has come out of the gates flying, housing 2.5% or more of its homeless population two months in a row. And last summer Richmond contributed to and led Virginia's statewide Campaign effort, currently the largest statewide effort in the Campaign. 
Congratulations to these communities, and good luck to all other communities working to reach 2.5%! We have seen some outstanding efforts from communities across the nation, and with April wrapping up we hope to see similar results soon!
-Sophia Garrow