Dec 18, 2012

Jake Maguire's picture Posted By Jake Maguire

Finally Housed After 12 Years, Ida Looks to Give Back

Ida spent the last twelve years sleeping outside, mostly on park benches near Memphis’ legendary Beale Street. On the streets, she endured so much violence and abuse that even her seasoned case worker at the Community Alliance for the Homeless had trouble shaking off her story. Recently, that group, which is leading the 100,000 Homes Campaign in Memphis, helped Ida move into a permanent apartment where she will be safe from the dangers of homelessness.

Now that she has housing, Ida has a long to-do list. For one thing, she wants to get healthy and reconnect with her children. She also wants to find ways to share her story with the public.
Though she has only been off the streets for a couple of weeks, Ida is already taking steps to assist others with similar stories. Last week, she helped get the apartment next door ready for an incoming homeless resident. She has also offered to help the Community Alliance with street outreach.
Stories like Ida's show what is possible when homeless people are given the chance to start over in housing. Congratulations to the Community Alliance for the Homeless, and welcome home, Ida!