Nov 05, 2012

Jake Maguire's picture Posted By Jake Maguire

From Castro's Cuba to a Home in L.A.

In 1980, Esmerido fled Cuba and the Castro regime on a makeshift boat bound for Florida. After securing legal residency in the United States, he eventually found his way to Southern California, where he worked as a day laborer and farm worker for several years. Then, in 1999, battling heart problems and drug addiction, he became homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, thanks to Downtown Pathway Home, a collaborative leading the 100,000 Homes Campaign on Skid Row, Esmerido moved into a permanent apartment in the community. Today, he is saving what little money he has to visit his family in Cuba for the first time since fleeing more than 30 years ago.
Good luck and welcome home, Esmerido!