Oct 01, 2012

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Mario's Story

This week's move-in story spotlights Mario in Santa Clara County, CA. Mario was laid off after injuring his back on the job at the Port of Oakland. His injury prevented him from finding new work, and eventually he ended up on the streets.

After finally having back surgery last Spring, he was forced to recover in a local shelter and occasionally in the front seat of his truck. That's when Housing 1000, the collaborative leading the 100,000 Homes Campaign in the Silicon Valley area, stepped in to help him find permanent housing.

Today, thanks to Housing 1000, Mario is living in his own permanent apartment, where he can begin physical therapy for his back and manage his diabetes. He is grateful to have a place for his son, who is serving in the Army, to visit when he comes home.

(Housing 1000 has also created Housing One, a Kiva-style online funding site where you can contribute directly to move-in costs for people like Mario. Check it out and make a donation today!)