Oct 19, 2010

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Get Informed and Get On Board With These Interactive Web Tools from Our Partners!

People always ask us how they can get their city or town to join the Campaign. One way is to dig into the data and be able to talk about the nature and scope of the problem in your local community. Our partners at the National Alliance to End Homelessness have developed some simple, user-friendly web tools to help you catch up on the state of homelessness in your area and nationwide.

I recommend playing around with all of them, but for those with less time, I’ve highlighted four especially helpful tools below.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with homelessness in your community, contact your local coordinators to see how you can get involved. If you think they’re interested in the Campaign, ask them to check out our website. Cities and towns can explore our model, view our results, browse our growing library of resources, read about the success of our partner communities, and even join our Campaign without ever leaving!


Map of Communities with Ten-Year Plans to End Homelessness

This map shows the 234 states, regions, counties and cities that have adopted proactive local plans to end homelessness in the next ten years. Compare it to our results map to see how many of these communities have also chosen to join the Campaign as a way to help achieve their local goals.

Do you live in a community that has a ten-year plan but hasn’t yet joined the Campaign? Contact your local officials and service providers and make sure they know about our work and goal! (Tell them they can reach out and ask questions here at


Full-Text Archive of Ten-Year Plans

Want to know what’s already happening in your community to end homelessness? If your city or town has a ten-year policy plan, you can find it and read it using this interactive spreadsheet.


Trend Map of National, Multi-Year Homeless Count Data

This interactive map charts the increase and reduction of street homelessness in communities across the country since 2005. The data ends in 2008, but many communities will revisit their federally mandated biannual counts this year, offering the prospect of new trends.

Find your local community by searching in the city bar, located just below the map to the right. Then compare trends in your city or town to trends in similar communities in your state and across the country. If you don’t like what you see, call your local officials and make sure they know about the Campaign. The more communities we can bring together to share innovations and learn from each other, the sooner we can reach our goal.


Federally Projected Reductions in Homelessness by Year and Target Population

This mouseover graph allows you to track projected reductions in a variety of homeless populations by year based on the Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness.

But wait…doesn’t the Campaign’s goal of housing 100,000 of America's most vulnerable homeless by July of 2013 significantly exceed the pace of federal projections? Yes! And to make it happen, we’re going to need all hands on deck, including yours! 100,000 may seem like an overwhelming number, but our experience in communities across the country continues to confirm that we really can get there by working together and refusing to fail.