Feb 10, 2011

Jake Maguire's picture Posted By Jake Maguire

Where We Stand: 2011 Off to a Great Start

2011 Has already been a great year for the 100,000 Homes Campaign and its effort to house 100,000 of America’s most vulnerable homeless people by July of 2013.

Since our last update, the Campaign has grown to 69 partner communities nationwide. These communities have reported new permanent housing placements, raising the Campaign’s total reported number housed to 7,203 total. The Campaign also completed a Boot Camp training event in Albuquerque where 6 communities gathered to learn how to launch their own Campaign efforts.

The Campaign’s experience to date confirms our belief that homelessness is a problem that Americans can permanently solve, not simply manage indefinitely.

From January 28th to 31st, communities from across the country convened in Albuquerque for Boot Camp, where Campaign staff taught them how to coordinate Registry Week efforts to identify and house their most vulnerable homeless residents. Participating communities included Santa Barbara, CA; Seattle, WA; Las Vegas, NV; Waianae Coast, HI; Tucson, AZ; and West Palm Beach, FL. Each community will now return home to host its own Registry Week volunteer effort within the next year.

The event also coincided with Albuquerque's Registry Week, where more than 200 volunteers, including Mayor Richard Berry and his family, walked the streets block by block in an effort to find and survey Albuquerque’s most vulnerable homeless residents. These efforts results in over 400 people being surveyed, more than half of who registered as vulnerable according to the Campaign’s Vulnerability Index. The Vulnerability Index inventories 8 health conditions which research has shown places home people at an elevated risk of dying on the streets.

The Campaign is looking forward to Registry Week in Santa Barbara, CA on February 26th, when volunteers will try to build on the success of Albuquerque and other Campaign cities in identifying and housing the most vulnerable members of the local homeless. February will also see the state of Louisiana become the first Campaign community to administer the Vulnerability Index statewide.