May 09, 2011

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Where We Stand: May 2011

Since our last "Where We Stand" update, the Campaign has added ten communities, and now includes 83 member communities nationwide. These communities have reported 243 new permanent housing placements, raising the Campaign’s total reported number housed to 7,867.

One community—Hartford, CT—announced that it has officially reached its initial Campaign housing goal. Meanwhile, Albuquerque, NM has moved four of its most vulnerable homeless residents into permanent housing since its Registry Week kickoff event in February, and Glendale, CA has completed a Registry Week to identify its own homeless population.

"The Campaign is gaining steam across the country,” said Campaign Director Becky Kanis. "We’ve seen huge numbers of housing placements in every region, and we’ve convened major training events on both coasts that have brought together a brand new crop of member communities.

Kanis especially commended the Campaign’s Gold Star communities who reported their latest round of housing placement numbers: Contra Costa County, CA; Pasco County, FL; Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; Chicago, IL; Fort Collins, CO; Omaha, NE; San Fernando Valley/Van Nuys, CA; and Skid Row in Los Angeles.

In early April, Hartford, CT announced that it had placed its 44th vulnerable homeless resident into permanent housing, making it the first Campaign community to officially surpass its housing goal. Hartford plans to continue its progress with the Campaign as it serves as a model for other communities.

Albuquerque, NM also announced a major success in housing four of the most vulnerable homeless people identified by volunteers at its kickoff event in February. The Campaign measures vulnerability according to an individual’s likelihood of dying on the streets. Albuquerque is literally saving lives with its commitment to permanent housing.

Finally, last week, Glendale, CA brought together community volunteers to identify 43 homeless individuals living on city streets. Nearly half of these qualified as vulnerable. The Campaign team in Glendale will begin working to move people into permanent housing immediately.

The Campaign’s experience to date confirms our belief that homelessness is a problem that Americans can permanently solve, not simply manage indefinitely.

In the month ahead, the Campaign is looking forward to celebrating Hollywood’s progress on Thursday May 12th, one year after it kicked off its Campaign participation. We are also excited to convene communities from across the East Coast for training in Philadelphia from May 13th-16th. That event will be followed by a major Registry Week effort in Philadelphia to find and identify the city’s most vulnerable homeless residents and begin moving them into permanent housing.