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Tanya vs. the Bureaucracy

One of the Campaign's biggest long-term goals is to spur changes to the hopelessly inefficient housing placement process. Now, in Los Angeles, a brilliant young designer is helping us do it.

In most communities, the process for moving someone from homelessness into permanent housing is inefficient and unnecessarily complicated. It takes an average of nine months to complete as many as 40 steps! For a community's most vulnerable homeless people, that delay can be lethal.


Hartford Becomes First Campaign Community to Meet Housing Goal

At its Registry Week last May, Hartford, CT set an initial goal of housing 40 people. This month, they reported their 44th placement, making them the first Campaign community to reach its target.

“It’s been an amazing success,” says Christie Corrigan of Hartford’s Journey Home. “The key was to get as many partners as possible on board from the beginning.”


Arizona Partners Share Ideas for Innovating with Mainstream Housing Resources

Last week, our partners at the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness published the second in a series of three whitepapers spotlighting creative ways to end homelessness with mainstream resources.


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Exposing Myths: Homelessness Can't Happen to Me

Susan Schneider’s storage facility in Alexandria, Virginia is a peculiar sort of time capsule. Buried within the cramped walls are personal possessions – kitchenware, a leather jacket, gold dancing shoes, a Roubaix bike – that reflect a life long past.


Santa Barbara Registry Week Makes a Splash

Santa Barbara Registry Week has been making a splash all week with the largest volunteer turnout on record!

The event drew so much attention that local outlet Noozhawk sent Lara Cooper to participate in the event and chronicle the experience from the inside.


Following Up with Omaha

Many readers will remember Omaha, which stunned the Campaign in October by helping one of its most vulnerable homeless residents into housing before the end of its Registry Week. After surveying Carmen and discovering that she was suffering from terminal lung cancer, local Campaign partners moved her into permanent housing the very next day.

We checked back in with Omaha recently to see how the last few months have gone.


Exposing Myths: Is Homelessness Always a Choice?

Our Social Media Fellow, Jessica Marcus, wanted to take on the biggest myths surrounding homelessness. You supplied the myths on Facebook and Twitter. Now, she’s running down the facts.


Louisiana to Implement Vulnerability Index Statewide

This month, Louisiana will become the first Campaign community to implement the Vulnerability Index statewide.

By organizing hundreds of volunteers across the state, Randy Nichols and the Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless hope to survey homeless residents at frequent gathering points to build the Campaign's first state-level registry.


NY Times Praises Veterans Program Launched by Los Angeles Partners

Today's New York Times included an editorial praising our partners in Los Angeles for a bold new plan to target veterans homelessness.

The program, known as Vets to Home Project 60, is made up of a broad coalition of city agencies and service providers and seeks to apply the housing first model to homeless veterans.

You can read the editorial below.

Special congratulations to the Campaign team in Santa Monica!



Early Success in Brisbane

Last June, Brisbane conducted the very first international Registry Week, jumpstarting 50 Lives 50 Homes in its effort to end chronic homelessness. Over the course of the week, nearly 100 volunteers surveyed 231 individuals, 118 of whom were recognized as vulnerable.


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