L.A. Communities Work to Reduce Steps to House Homeless Veterans

Last week, five Los Angeles area communities gathered at the California Endowment for the Campaign's first Housing Placement Boot Camp, jointly hosted by Home for Good, L.A.'s plan to end chronic and veterans homelessness.  Aimed at reducing the number of steps and length of time required to move homeless veterans into permanent housing, the event helped communi


L.A. County Votes to Prioritize Chronically Homeless for Housing, Services

In a huge step forward, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted this week to prioritize the chronically homeless for housing and supportive services.

The unanimous vote aligns the County with the new Home For Good plan, launched last December, which aims to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Los Angeles within five years.


Tanya vs. the Bureaucracy

One of the Campaign's biggest long-term goals is to spur changes to the hopelessly inefficient housing placement process. Now, in Los Angeles, a brilliant young designer is helping us do it.

In most communities, the process for moving someone from homelessness into permanent housing is inefficient and unnecessarily complicated. It takes an average of nine months to complete as many as 40 steps! For a community's most vulnerable homeless people, that delay can be lethal.


Arizona Partners Share Ideas for Innovating with Mainstream Housing Resources

Last week, our partners at the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness published the second in a series of three whitepapers spotlighting creative ways to end homelessness with mainstream resources.


Help Our Cause by Watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel TONIGHT at 9pm!

Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's hit show, Bizarre Foods, knows what it's like to be homeless. Before becoming famous, the James Beard Award winner spent time living on the streets of New York, himself.

When Andrew read about our story, he contacted us to see how we could partner with the Travel Channel to raise awareness of homelessness and money to support our efforts to end it. That's where you come in!


Campaign Launches Partnership with KNO Clothing

NEW YORK—Today, KNO Clothing and the 100,000 Homes Campaign launched a formal partnership to help end homelessness in communities across the country. The socially responsible fashion company will combine efforts with the non-profit campaign to help move 100,000 of America’s most vulnerable, long-term homeless people into permanent housing by July of 2013.


NY Times Praises Veterans Program Launched by Los Angeles Partners

Today's New York Times included an editorial praising our partners in Los Angeles for a bold new plan to target veterans homelessness.

The program, known as Vets to Home Project 60, is made up of a broad coalition of city agencies and service providers and seeks to apply the housing first model to homeless veterans.

You can read the editorial below.

Special congratulations to the Campaign team in Santa Monica!



2010 in Review: Where We Stand

December capped off an incredible 2010 for the 100,000 Homes Campaign and its effort to house 100,000 of America’s most vulnerable homeless by July of 2013.

Since our last update, the Campaign has added three new partner communities to reach 67. Participating communities have also reported close to 500 new permanent housing placements, raising the Campaign’s total reported number housed to 7,176 total. In the six months since its formal launch, the Campaign has officially doubled in size and more than 2,000 homeless people have been placed in permanent housing.


The Street-Level Solution, by David Bornstein

Over the holidays, the Campaign made its second appearance in the New York Times, and we didn't want you to miss it!

After David Bornstein's first column lauded the Campaign's successes, readers wrote in to ask for more information about how the Campaign works. Did people really stay housed, they wondered? How many get jobs, quit drugs or go back to school? Isn't this whole thing a bit too good to be true?


Seattle Collaborative Brings Funders, Grant Applicants to One Table

Communication is a central tenet of this Campaign. For too long, self-erected barriers have separated advocates for the homeless from one another and homeless individuals from permanent housing. By bringing people together to share their knowledge and ideas, we can end homelessness quickly and cost effectively. No one should have to innovate alone.

Our Campaign partners in Seattle have applied this basic principle to the funding process with spectacular results.


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