Dec 13, 2012

FromNew York Times

Moving Forward in Tough Times

By David Bornstein

Welcome to the second annual Fixes holiday season retrospective! Almost every week, over the past two years, we’ve covered a response to a social problem that’s noteworthy, usually because it’s producing better than expected results. We highlight these “positive deviants” because 1) they’re under-reported; 2) they show society not just what’s going wrong but how it might improve; and 3) they’re inherently interesting, like a good puzzle or whodunit. Because we get more leads than we can cover, we typically focus on initiatives that have a track record, evidence of effectiveness and potential for broader impact.

So, last week, I reached out to three dozen organizations we’ve covered to find out how they had fared during the past year. Even during this difficult economic period, I was struck by how many had augmented their work. It seems that, while we’ve been occupied with the economy, the election and Gangnam Style, some interesting changes have occurred under the radar. Here’s a roundup for 2012...

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