Housing advocates have worked in isolation for too long. It's time to stop reinventing the wheel!

The resources here are intended to help you learn from other communities who may already have solved the challenges your community faces. Take advantage of the search options below to identify tips, tricks, new innovations and helpful tools.

Mythbusting Town Hall with Federal Leaders

A recording of an online town hall held on January 28, 2014. Federal leaders from HUD and VA address key myths around eligibility and the administration of the subsidy programs they oversee.

SPDAT and VI-SPDAT Evidence Brief

A brief outline of the extensive evidence and testing base for the Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) and its short, street-based evolution, the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) (a pre-screen assessment).

VI-SPDAT Prescreen Tool Training

Listen to Iain De Jong of OrgCode Consulting train +300 people on how to administer the VI-SPDAT prescreen tool to get the best results. This tool is the gold standard in knowing everyone experiencing homelessness in your community by name and triaging them into an appropriate, evidence-based housing option.

Veterans Day Infographic 2013

A visually illuminating infographic that demonstrates the clear progress being made nationally toward ending veteran homelessness.

All Hands on Deck Forum: How Santa Cruz Increased Housing Placement by 550% in 100 Days

Campaign Director Becky Kanis gives a short update on the state of the movement. Next, she conducts an extended interview with Phil Kramer of 180/180 Santa Cruz to help attendees understand how Santa Cruz dramatically increased their housing placement rate in just 100 days. Topics include how to enlist volunteers as high quality housing navigators, how to work with public housing authorities and speak their language, and why conducting a by-name registry of all your homeless neighbors is so important to the process.

All Hands on Deck Web Conference: Making Data-Driven Decisions

First, the Chair of Fresno-Madera County Continuum of Care, Jody Ketcheside, explains how she and her community used data-driven decision making to improve their housing placement rate by 667% in just 100 days. That wasn’t a typo: 667% - a record so far for Rapid Results Housing Boot Camp teams. Next, Iain De Jong from Org Code dazzles with an introduction to the VI-SPDAT - that’s the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool - that is a major improvement and enhancement to the Vulnerability Index that we hope every campaign team will adopt immediately.

Being Like the Best: What High Performing Communities are Doing Differently to End Homelessness

A short write-up of the 5 factors our national data conclusively correlates with a high monthly rate of housing placement.

2013 Campaign Report

A colorful, brochure-style report outlining the Campaign's philosophy, methods and progress to date. Debuted at NAEH 2013.


Federal HEARTH regulations require communities to develop a mechanism for common assessment and coordinated access. Unfortunately, most communities have not complied with this requirement simply because they lack the time, resources and expertise to develop an effective solution. These communities need a practical, evidence-based way to satisfy federal regulations while quickly implementing a commonsense approach to access and assessment. The VI-SPDAT is a first-of-its-kind "supertool" designed to fill this need.

Establishing a Unified Homeless System

This tool addresses nearly all of the nineteen factors the campaign believes are correlated with higher housing placement rates and provides guidance on how to begin the process of developing a unified system. For this reason, it will be helpful to use this tool as a starting point in your community’s quality improvement efforts.