Community Self Assessment Tool

Good news! We've studied the data from 100,000 Homes communities across the country, as well as research and best practices, and we believe we've identified 19 factors that correlate with the highest rates of chronic and vulnerable housing placement.

Why not make sure your community is implementing all of them?



If you are a 100,000 Homes community, our tool will provide you with a free, customized report identifying which factors are and aren't present in your community. This report will also direct you to specific tools in our High Performance Series to help you improve each factor and reduce barriers to housing placement. 

Not a 100,000 Homes community? Join the Campaign today and get access to this free assistance!

You should complete this assessment with a group of community stakeholders (approx. 5-7 people), such as representatives from:

  • HMIS provider
  • Continuum of Care
  • Public housing authority
  • Local 100,000 Homes lead organization
  • Outreach and homeless services agencies

Please answer each question as honestly as possible (estimates are fine), selecting "unknown" where applicable. Within 10 business days of completing the survey, you will receive a customized report for your community!

Questions? Contact Paul Howard!


(For review and planning purposes, we have provided you with a PDF version of the full assessment tool. Please submit the online survey, however, rather than a PDF version.)