Calculating the Impact

Together, we will find permanent housing for 100,000 of the most vulnerable and chronically homeless Americans by July of 2014.

(PHOTO: VA staffers in San Diego celebrate the 18,000th person housed, July 2012)

Here's how participating communities are measuring progress:

  • Housing 2.5% of Homeless Neighbors Each Month: Communities housing at least 2.5% of their chronic and vulnerable homeless neighbors each month. This figure, calculated on a three-month rolling average, puts a community ahead of the growth curve in homelessness and places it on a sustainable path to end homelessness locally within four years. It also puts the entire movement on track to reach 100,000 by July of 2014. (Note: 2.5% is not the end of a community's improvement effort. Once a community reaches 2.5%, the Campaign continues to work aggressively with that community toward reaching its goals under Opening Doors, the federal plan to end homelessness.)
  • Total People Housed: The total number of vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals and families housed by all participating communities since each joined the Campaign. Communities report their new housing placements monthly, and new national totals are made available on a rolling basis.